Litigation and Dispute Resolution 

Civil litigation of private disputes, with extensive expertise in matters concerning contaminated lands, Records of Site Condition and offsite migration.

Appeals of regulatory orders and defence of quasi-criminal prosectutions for alleged violations of environmental laws. Working with regulators to effect protection of the environment on behalf of clients whose properties or operations have been effected by environmental non-compliance.

Representation before environmental and energy tribunals concerning the approval of proposed energy and resource projects.


Assisting in obtaining and negotiating regulatory permits and authorizations.

Advising and representing proponents of systems and projects through municipal, provincial and federal regulatory processes. Mandates include assisting in the development and presentation of environmental assessment studies and addressing the interests of stakeholders.

Counselling on compliance issues related to municipal, provincial and federal permits and approvals and regulatory requirements.

Risk Management of Ongoing Operations

Assisting clients in identifying and assessing operational risks to the environment, as well as to the health and safety of employees and the public. Lynn helps structure companies’ operations and commercial transactions to minimize liability for environmental matters.

Advising on the development of policies and processes for managing the risks and liabilities associated with ownership of current and former contaminated sites. Developing responses to regulatory and civil claims arising from current and past ownership of contaminated sites.

Transaction Support

Identifying risks associated with terms of purchase and sale agreements and negotiating to properly value and address those risks. Transactions include sale and purchase of real estate, commercial and industrial operations and natural resource projects.